Grab a tissue before you read about this lovely 6 month old malamute named Cookie, because his story is a sad one. Cookie was found near a northern Alberta store by a couple who tried to help but didn’t know what to do. They could see Cookie was injured, but since they didn’t have the access to the local vet, they took Cookie home with them. They fed this handsome pup, let him sleep under their trailer but the pup couldn’t keep any food down. Cookie then went missing and was found 4 days later lying in the long grass. The couple asked for someone from the community to help the poor pup’s suffering, but nobody came to his aid. A week later, they found someone to help and transport Cookie to the vet – that’s when they noticed his leg was too damaged to save.

The vet said this sweet boy must have been hit by a vehicle and that he was so thin it was scary. Cookie had a fractured femur, which is the hardest bone to break – and also the most painful. Cookie was in tremendous pain for 2 weeks, unable to move much, unable to eat, and barely able to drink. He was so thin and weak that when the vet examined him that he had to be fed baby food with a syringe before he was stable enough for surgery. The vet also tested for parvovirus and bladder damage but cook was lucky there at least because those tests came back negative. Cookie’s leg was amputated to the hip and now he is in recovery but he still has a tough road to travel.

Cookie is settling in nicely at his foster home and is proving to be a lovely pup. His foster parents say he’s quiet and calm but not shy, and he’s very smart. He is eating and drinking well, and is taking a course of antibiotics and pain killers.

SCARS is pleased to be able to rescue animals like Cookie but they can only do this with support from people like you. The bills for Cookie’s emergency care is in the thousands.

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