September 23 10pm Update…  * Warning ⛔️ *Graphic Images Ahead *

😭 We are very upset to say this young girl did not make it. Both back legs were broken with bones exposed. They had been left untreated for too long there was nothing we could do. She also had severe internal injuries.
RIP beautiful girl. 🌈

September 23…

This young female pup was hit by a vehicle and needs immediate medical attention. The driver is currently transporting her.
Her bones are sticking out of her leg. We hope this is her only injury. Internal injuries are always a concern. 🚑
Timely care is often not possible. 🚑
With no veterinary clinics close or not accepting emergencies due to vet/staff shortages we find ourselves having to travel even further than normal. 🚑
Special thanks to Westlock Veterinary Centre who was able to squeeze this girl in.