Hello SCARS, At 6 months old, I was adopted by a couple in the spring of 2017. My wonderful home had two other cats and a working dog. For the record, I was the cutest! I had places to climb and hide,  other critters to keep me company, and humans who would give me cuddles on the stairs whenever I wanted them. I discovered that outside was big and scary and I don’t like it – especially when I know that my humans are out there. A lot has happened in the last 3 years. That couple who brought me home and loved me is no longer a couple, but I know that they both love me very very much. I’m still living in the same house and there is one other kitty with me now, and that working dog who’s very good at ignoring me. I am happy and healthy, and I work as a very effective alarm clock when I think the humans are sleeping too late. I am loving my forever home!