Willow (rescue story ” Liz ~ was found along a highway“)
Adopted Oct. 19/2018, Willow is enjoying her acreage life as much as we are enjoying her. Her skin allergies (?) are rare/minor flare ups now (still can’t pinpoint exact trigger ~ seems to be “excitement/play” at times)…. but they are easy to manage.
Her hair has filled in and grown longer…even has a “tuft” on her tail & she’s added on 12 lbs. since adopting her. Her favourite pastimes are fetching a ball or Frisbee; squeaky toys; & walks… anytime/anywhere. She’s adapted to the horses, cats, many bird/water fowl varieties, and hearing coyotes howling close by.
She is either my shadow for doing chores/yardwork… or  stays on the deck chewing on a bone. We call her our “camo-ninja” dog… as she is so quiet ~ but turn and she’s right beside you and you never heard her before that.
Also, her brindle colouring makes her “blend” in the yard or pasture…she’s usually just standing not far from us, staring at us wondering why we are still calling her name because we “think” we don’t know where she is.
Thank you to Therese (foster Mom) for taking her into your home when she was found/rescued & choosing us for her to join our home.
Gwen Spelliscy