Hi SCARS! This June marked the 10 year adopt-aversery of Willow (formerly Balou).

She was one of Nikki’s nine puppies born late April of 2009. Though she’s 10 1/2 now, she hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down or acting her age! Her favourite hobbies include hiking, running, lying in the sun, and chasing squirrels out in the woods!

Based on what her mom looked like, and the fact that she was a “Northern mutt,” we expected that we were getting a large, fluffy dog, but Willow is short haired and maxed out at around 50 lbs! Her vet thinks that she is likely a border collie and a sighthound cross.

I’m always curious as to what her siblings may have turned out looking like! She really is a dream dog, and our family will always be so appreciative of all the work SCARS does.