May 29, 2023

Our SCARS team has covered a range of emotions these last few days. Certainly, both sadness and gratitude have filled our hearts.

We were requested to assist in the High Level area that has been hard hit by wildfire. The Dene Tha’ community, along with the local RCMP, needed help as a result of the evacuation of Chateh. Not all animals were able to be evacuated, and some remained behind. This is not a community we have previously worked with as they are located many hours north of our home base. In true SCARS fashion, when the call for assistance came, we could not say no.

We are so sad that so many lives have been disrupted and can understand the stress. We are so grateful that we were trusted to assist in this time of need. We are so hopeful the kind and gracious people we met will soon be able to return to their homes and that most of this beautiful landscape will be spared from the flames.
Our mission was to provide food and water and other supplies to animals that were unable to be evacuated. Any injured or ill animals, or those needing extra care we brought out. These animals will be treated and cared for until it is safe for their return. It is possible that some may join the SCARS family eventually, but for now, we will foster them and dream of happy reunions.

Our sincere thanks to the Chateh RCMP detachment for all their help and for the love they are showing all the animals. 👍
Our gratitude to the Dene Tha’ community for the warm welcome and trust. 🐾
Our admiration to the lovely animals we met and the deep resilience they have under such difficult circumstances. ❤️
Together, we will overcome.