At SCARS, we value all of our veterinary partners and are grateful for the support we receive.

Without a doubt. Westlock Vet Center sees our shining faces more often than most.

On the good days, we bring cute litters of puppies and kittens for health checks and vaccines. On busy days, we bring van loads of animals from our Spay-Neuter-Return program which prevents unwanted litters and makes communities safer. On the challenging days, we bring gunshot victims, little dogs mauled by big dogs, and cases of broken bones, bad joints, quills, starvation and parvo – the list is endless. We often arrive “after hours” with broken souls and injuries so grave even the most seasoned rescuers question the chances for survival, and we ask for a miracle.

Time and time again, the Westlock team delivers those miracles for SCARS’ animals – the battered, the broken, and the seemingly hopeless spend time, sometimes weeks in their care, and eventually walk out to their bright futures.

SCARS animals are always treated like family pets, with clinic staff going above and beyond to see them through. The last few months have been tough. Trauma case after trauma case has arrived at their doorstep. The animals depend on them to take away the pain and make them well.

It doesn’t seem enough, but all we can say is “Thank You.” Thanks to everyone on the Westlock Vet team – reception, kennel staff, animal health techs, and the team of skilled veterinarians. The SCARS’ mission to rescue the abandoned and abused could not be fulfilled without their team on our side.