The animal pages on our website are visited roughly 30,000 times each month.

Most of the visits are to the adoptable animal pages. Due to the amount of traffic on these pages we sell advertising to help fund more animal rescues. The logos of companies that have paid for advertising will appear randomly (from the pool of advertisers), on an individual animals page. Animals can also be sponsored. Once an animal is sponsored the sponsors logo or name will be shown on that animals profile. To learn more about sponsoring an animal go to our Sponsor a Sanctuary Animal page.

View Available Pets

Advertisement Pricing

6 months – $800

1 year – $1,500

Monthly payment plan also available through PayPal

*For businesses who both sponsor a Sanctuary Animal and purchase an ad space for one year, we offer a reduction of $500 ($2,000 to do both). For Sanctuary Animal Sponsorship information, go to our Sponsor a Sanctuary Animal page.

Purchase Advertising

Advertising is a great way to gain exposure for your business and show your customers you care about the community around you. SCARS needs support from businesses and individuals to keep our operation running. If you would like to purchase an advertisement spot, you will need to send us a logo in .jpg format that fits within an area (380 px X 380 px) in size.

To purchase advertising, email and we will contact you directly.