Hi SCARS. Thanks again! We want to update you about our dog Vincent (we call him Vinny)! When we first met him, he looked very lost and skinny! His foster mom was worried that anyone who adopted him might be in for a challenge. He had a history of not being good with other animals, especially cats. But it was enough for us to look into his eyes and understand that he was an adorable dog who just needed some love and attention! We have two other dogs and a cat so we had reason to worry. But for us, our dogs and cat are our family! Vince understood very quickly that he had a new loving home and no reason to be scared!

He is happy here. He loves running around the farm and playing with his new friends (our chocolate lab, Nickson and our cocker spaniel, Toffee). The cat took some time and training but now they accept each one! He has a happy life with us because he knew that we loved him! We wanted to ensure he knew that life was not over, it was only just beginning!