Hi SCARS! I have quite the pupdate for you. It’s actually been 8 years since I was last with you. My original name was Venus. My furever family rescued me back in December 2011. I have been through it all with my family.

I love the lake and I mean LOVE. Once I see the water I turn into a dolphin and forget what grass and land even is. Luckily my humans let me live out my dolphin dreams. In the summer if I’m not in the lake I’m chasing around the hose and sprinkler at home.

Not only do I love water but I LOVE boating, I may have even went tubing (my family was very careful). Don’t say the words boat ride and go to the lake around me if you don’t mean it.

I love the car, meaning I get to go on road trips everywhere. Even all the way to BC! I have lots and lots of dog and cat friends who I love very much almost as much as my humans.

Thanks for all you do SCARS. I hope lots more doggos luck out like me.