Do you guys remember way back when I was found full of quills, emaciated and in severe pain? If I showed you before and after pictures would you be able to recognize me? I am alive, happy and healthy thanks to Westlock Veterinary Center, SCARS and everyone of you who helped donate to my care and share my story.I’ve been told that SCARS has been hit hard recently with medical bills and decreased donations. It’s a great feeling to think that people care about me and want to help me. I know there are many more dogs (and cats) like me out there who are needing help, and I hope that SCARS has the funds to help them too! This certainly has changed my life and I hope that my story can help change other animals’ lives as well.
January 2020 – *Emergency with Vegas* We got a call Feb. 21st, 2020 about this poor girl, covered in quills. She is now with our friends at Westlock Veterinary Center getting the treatment she deserves. Huge shout out to the rescue world who gave us the heads up & location of sweet Vegas. Thankful for our volunteer drivers who made the trek out to her.

Feb. 22 Vegas Update… This girl is the sweetest dog and such a trooper.  This is post-quill removal. Her face is still very swollen and quills will likely still be migrating out. She is still in the care of Westlock Vet.  To donate to her directly, please follow this link.

Thank you for all the continued support and donations. Your donations make vet care like this possible.

I have been adopted. Just Look At Me Now!