October 8, 2022…

We don’t know Tripper’s story for the first 4 months of life but we know it’s been pretty horrific. He was found locked in a cage with his siblings (Chrissy & Roper) as well as two that had already perished. He was completely covered in wounds that we will never know the cause of.

He had some upper respiratory and the tell tale third eyelids of a viral infection, we took him straight to their vet for help. He was prescribed eye drops for the infection but showed no sign of improvement, today he went back for a follow up and received terrible news. He has no tear production so his eyes are very dry and sore, without seeing an ophthalmologist there’s no way to know how to help him.

He’s receiving 3 different eye drops several times throughout the day, this may be an autoimmune issue where his own body is attacking his eyes or could be something neurological. Unfortunately it will be a lot of time, love, trials and money to give this little ginger sweetheart a chance at a pain free life.