Hi SCARS, I met and adopted Tober from your Morinville Rescue Centre in mid-November 2022. SCARS rescued this poor boy in October 2022. He came to you weighing about 5lbs, had an infection, and was ketoacidosis from untreated diabetes.

When I met Toby, he was already 8-ish lbs, on insulin, and still on the road to recovery. I took a chance and brought him home. With guidance of our vet, Toby is now 10.5 lbs, with a healthy, shiny coat! His pancreatitis cleared up, and he’s currently finishing a trial week of being completely off insulin! Hopefully, he’s entered remission!

Thank you SCARS for rescuing this lovely boy. He and my other cat, Churro, are buddies, and Toby has a forever home with us! Toby is a smart, personable and chatty boy, learning to walk on a leash and do tricks.