Bit by big dog. That is what it says on my veterinary file. But let me tell you it was waaaaay more than a bite, more like mauled, tossed around and then bit again. I am an older guy and as my name, Tiny, suggests I am not very big.  

It was an ugly attack, completely unprovoked and undeserved. My rescuer got me to safety and I went for an emergency assessment. It was bad news all around – my lungs were actually poking through my ribs, my intestines through the abdomen wall, not to mention the bite wounds and lacerations. I needed a surgeon and specialist care. Risks were high, surgery could reveal yet more problems, but true to the SCARS philosophy I was given my second chance.

After all the bad news, surgery went surprisingly well. Textbook according to the surgeon. There was no perforated intestine, no punctured lung. They were able to put me back together and stitch and stable me up. Whew, what a relief.  

Recovery will take a while, but I am well enough to be in a foster home now. My foster family is letting me lie around, mostly on their laps, which is my favourite thing. They also knit me a sweater so I can’t lick the incisions, and I don’t have to wear the plastic cone.  

Things are looking up, please keep supporting SCAR. They make life and death differences every day for animals like myself. SCARS can’t continue to be the difference without your help.