Hello SCARS! My boyfriend and I adopted Tia at your Sherwood Park adoption event on March 26th. We want to share a little update and a few pictures. It has only been a short couple of weeks, but she has blended so seamlessly into our family. She was purring the moment she came out of her kennel and continues to do so any time she is being pet or snuggled (which is most of the time – she loves being picked up and giving kisses). She’s been perfect at using her litter box, and eating and drinking, since the day we got her. She’s beginning to develop a bit of an attitude in the best way and now knows that when she meows more than once mom will come to see what’s going on – usually she’s gotten her ball somewhere she can’t reach . We’re working on her harness training, and we went outside on her harness and leash for the first time yesterday – she did so well!

We can’t wait to share more on Tia as we learn more about her and all of her amazing quirks.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring this sweet baby into our family.