October 18, 2022…

Yesterday  we had a lot of tears for our intake team. Meet: Dusty, Monahan & Bennie.

This owner did love his animals, but his own health was failing. He was hospitalized a few times but always able to make it back home. This time was different. His faithful pets were sure that their master would come home again, they waited and waited, while a very kind lady came daily to feed them.

After 3 months, their owner was placed in long term care. Yesterday, SCARS picked them up. The little dog, Bennie, went to live with the lady who fed them, and she lives close to where the owner is staying and is able to take him to visit. But Dusty & Monahan weren’t able to stay. Dusty is said to be 14 years old. He has an old injury that he had when found at the dump. His owner said, “He was so small, lying on a mattress just shivering and shaking. I took him home and he’s been here since!”

Once they were loaded on the way to SCARS, the owner had asked to see his old dog one more time. Bev (our amazing volunteer) parked to where he could get his walker close. The elderly man just was heartbroken to say goodbye. 💔 Then he said, “Dusty are you crying?“ and sure enough, Dusty had tears running down his face. Everyone was crying. 😢