Tails on the Trails 2020 concluded on Saturday, July 18 with $12,981 raised for SCARS.

Congratulations to our winners!

Team “Padma and Winnie” (Winnie Wong’s and Padma Kaul’s team), won by a country mile, but they very graciously declined the first prize restaurant gift card.

The first prize $250 gift card goes to our second-place winner “Team Four on the Floor” (team captain Cindy Haywood).

Third place and the $150 second prize goes to Anne Henderson, who collected pledges off-line!

Special thanks to Caity Smith and Jill St. Laurent who are worthy of honourable mention for their fundraising efforts.

In our Dog vs. Cat Challenge, Team Jubba did very well too, thrashing Team PussPuss thoroughly. ????

We will soon be arranging for delivery of swag for those who raised more than $100.

Thank you to our sponsor, Instabox, for donating the pledge prizes. Thank you as well to all the participants and volunteers who make this year’s event a huge success.