Hi SCARS, Thought we’d give you a little update as we celebrate Sunny’s first birthday! He’s a solid 65 lbs and the vet said he is in perfect health! He now goes to daycare once a week and they continuously comment on his unlimited energy. The daycare has helped him find his big boy bark, and we are not impressed by it as he now barks at the train every night instead of just strangers at the door ?!

We gave up and let him sleep in our bed, but he prefers his bed most nights. He’s a literal genius and has figured out how to escape his kennel no matter what we try. And he’s super excited to start agility training in the next few months. Last, but not least, Sunny is super protective of his soon to be little sibling sleeping in my tummy as he sleeps with his head on my belly at least once a day!

We will be forever grateful for your trust in us when we brought Sunny home 12 months ago. Thank you!