Hi everyone, we have already started working on the 2020 SCARS calendar which raises funds to help SCARS continue with their animal rescue initiatives. If you have an exceptional photo of a SCARS foster or if you adopted a SCARS animal and would like a chance to have them featured in our 2020 calendar, please send your photos along with a write up on the animal regarding its history as you know it. Tell us about what challenges it may have or may still be enduring and how its life has changed since coming into SCARS care.

Now this is the important part!

  1. Your photos MUST be in landscape format, that is, longer than it is tall. Any other orientation regardless of quality,  subject matter or level of awesomeness will not be considered. We are looking for a nice, in focus, bright, clear photo with your animal as the main subject, try not to have a cluttered photo.
  2. Email the largest version of your photo (at least 2Mb) to scarsphodography@scarscare.ca.
  3. You will then have a consent form emailed back to you giving us permission to use, and edit the photo to fit our calendar requirements.

Any questions or concerns regarding this process can also be directed to this email as well.

Thanks for your participation everyone. The lucky animals will be revealed when our calendar goes on sale in November.

SCARS 2020 Calendar Committee