Hello SCARS, A little over 4.5 years ago I took on a bonded pair of kitties from a SCARS foster home. My little black guy started out as Pierre but had his name changed to Spooky after scaring me many times while watching movies in a dark living room. Unfortunately, his journey was cut short due to a large, cancerous tumor in his intestine, as well as a bad case of lymphoma. He was always small, had the cutest little bat face and loved begging for treats.

Now, Richard,  my grey and white cat, didn’t have an easy life putting up with Spooky all the time. They got along, but Richard is much more timid and jumpy so tended to keep to himself more. He has been an only cat now for about 6 months or so and I feel this is  the best thing for him. He is so outgoing now, getting more friendly and playful, and cuddling more than I ever would have expected. He grew from a scrawny little cat on long legs into a thick, strong and very healthy looking little man. While I still miss Spooky like crazy, I am very impressed and happy at how well Richard has adjusted and became a very playful and healthy cat on his own and look forward to many years with my little King Richard.

I can’t thank scars enough for giving me the the opportunity to love these 2 cats and was able to give them their forever home, even if it wasn’t for very long with my baby Spooky