February 7, 2023

Soujourner is one lucky kitten! 🍀🤞

After a 113km road trip, the last thing you expect to hear from the motor of your vehicle is the sound of a tiny kitten! But that is exactly what happened just a few days ago to Soujourner’s unsuspecting chauffeur. How this little girl escaped with no injuries is a question we don’t have an answer for!

Her adventures did not stop there. After ensuring she had no injuries, she was whisked off to a master cat groomer for what the groomer called “the worst pelting on a cat they had seen in 35 years.” Soujourner’s entire back had gone beyond matting, and had become one solid pelt. Kitten skin is quite delicate and can tear when a coat is this terrible.

Thankfully, Soujourner is now resting and recovering quite nicely in her foster home. ❤️