Hello SCARS, An update on Sophie (formerly Daenerys). We adopted Sophie on October 21, 2017 and have never regretted it. Sophie has settled in with our family and her “big” dog brother Ricky who is 10 ½ years old. She just worships her brother and Ricky probably hates it, as she loves being around him all the time.

Sophie loves playing, taking walks and is absolutely obsessed with water. She plays in her two kiddie pools, plays with the hose and sprinkler and she loves the bathtub, unless it is for an actual bath.

We can’t do anything without her involved and trying to help. Sophie doesn’t seem scared of anything and is pretty “chill” about life.

Thank you to SCARS for allowing us to adopt Sophie and thank you for all the great work you do to save all these wonderful pets.

Brad and Kristi Kruhlak