October 28, 2023

Parvo is hitting hard this week, and the cold weather does not help. We have had 5 pups this week alone go straight to emergency for this deadly virus. The challenge with these special needs intakes is simple: space and money! When a puppy comes in with parvo, special care is needed to properly quarantine and care for them. This virus is very contagious and with our intake facilities so full with young puppies already, it makes it very difficult.

Remi, Patrice, Duke, Chevy, and Aiden are the parvo pups this week.

It is with great sadness we inform you that Chevy and Aiden did not make it. Despite the highest quality care, they were unable to fight off this disease. Our solace is knowing they are free from pain and their spirit joining the pack at the Rainbow Bridge. We are hoping by sharing Chevy and Aiden’s story that it saves another puppy from parvo; a very contagious and sometimes deadly virus. These two beautiful 3 month old rottweiler pups came into our care with parvo after being purchased from a “breeder” off Kijiji. They were not vaccinated. We encourage anyone buying a puppy from a breeder to do your research! Ask for medical records and go to the breeder’s location to view the parents and conditions they’re in.