Hello SCARS! On August 17, 2022, I adopted Faro and shortly after renamed her to Skoki. The last year has been incredible. She quickly adjusted to being in her new home and befriended my dog and my boyfriend’s pup. She is such a quirky, playful and sweet girl. Skoki loves to hang out, get scratches/bum pats and cuddle. She loves playfully hunting the pup and chasing her around the house, then cuddling her after.

She also loves hanging out in the yard on her leash, chasing bugs in the garden and will sometimes climb the apple tree to chase the birds away (off leash to avoid injury).

I’ve attached some cute pictures, including a before and after to show how much she’s blossomed with all the love she gets ♡.

Thank you for the purrfect addition to my family. I honestly can’t imagine life without her.