Food to eat. Trouble to get into. Cardboard boxes to shred. Leashes to chew …. It’s hard to believe, looking at me today, that just 2 weeks ago I was a very sick guy.

I’m Simba and I was one little tan puppy, alone and cold in an outdoor pen at a rural pound. When the SCARS volunteer found me to be lethargic and unwilling to eat or drink, she took me to the animal hospital as fast as she could drive. And that’s pretty fast!

A quick SNAP test revealed that I had the canine parvovirus which is common in young unvaccinated puppies. If caught early, Parvo symptoms can be treated and recovery rate is high. Lucky for me my vet set me up with IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea meds. After four days in the isolation ward, I was ready to go home and get on with being a puppy.

Here’s some good advice to everyone from an expert – me. Please vaccinate your animals and follow the booster protocols. Parvo is easily prevented with a simple vaccine and booster.

I spent 4 days in hospital, but I could have lost my life.