Jan 24/20….Meet Shady. ⚠️Warning Disturbing Images Ahead⚠️

We got a call about a dog who was injured from a northern Alberta community that we work within. He had run into some bad luck. He had a stick that impaled him. X-rays showed the stick to be two feet long about 3/4” in diameter. Because the stick has gone into his chest, our intake team drove three hours to our friends at Guardian Vet Clinic in Edmonton. Please keep him in your thoughts while he undergoes surgery. Estimated cost of surgery for poor Shady is $6,000. *Update- Stick went though chest, through diaphragm, into stomach, out stomach and stopped right infront of the spleen!

He’s shown above in recovery. Pending no infection, they’ll remove breathing tubes soon.

January 31, update from Shady!

Well the worst is supposed to be over, but let me tell you this recovery stuff is exhausting. They tell me that given the severity of my injuries, the difficulty of the surgery, and the high risk for complications and infection this is going to be a long and difficult journey. Everyone is hoping for a smooth recovery, but their description is “cautiously optimistic” and that is better than some of the other alternatives.

Please don’t forget about me.

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I am the sweetest guy and trying my best to recover, SCARS isn’t giving up, please help anyway you can!!