March 19, 2023 Update

It’s been one week since we have added these 15 new animals into our care. We want to thank all of the supporters and our amazing vets for the overwhelming support! Thank you to Global Edmonton for covering this story. We hope we can spread more awareness.

March 18, 2023 Update

It has taken a massive effort by our team of intake coordinators, foster homes, supporters, veterinarians, and volunteers, but we did it. The 15 new “doodle” crosses are settling into their foster homes. They have had baths, vet appointments, many small meals, and they are starting the slow process of learning to trust and learning normal dog behaviour.

The road ahead is going to be a long one. From the very basics of house training (when you live in a garage/cage 24 hours a day you don’t even know what outside is, let alone it is best to take your potty breaks there) to playing, there is a lot to take in.

Our thanks to each and every one of you who are following this story, who donated financially, who donated puppy pee pads and food, who spread the word, and who care. 💕 Our great gratitude to every member of our foster home and volunteer team for stepping up and making space. We didn’t stop taking in animals in need from other areas, they too deserve their second chance. 💕

March 15, 2023

*The following has been reported to authorities and an investigation is open.*

The SCARS intake team faces difficult situations daily. Often, when we find animals in distress, we also find humans in distress. Poverty, trauma, and addiction can be factors. We support with compassion and no judgment.

This is not one of those cases. This is a case of neglect and harm, fueled by greed and the next sale of an overpriced designer puppy. The individual who ran this breeding operation has passed away, but the consequences remain for those left behind.

“Adopt Don’t Shop” isn’t just some slogan. Every time a puppy mill makes another sale, it causes future suffering to the animals being held captive in horrible conditions and bred and bred again.

Some giveaways that you aren’t dealing with a reputable breeder are pick up points in parking lots and not being welcomed to the home and given the opportunity to meet the parents and see the condition the animals are raised in. ‘

These new intakes are various types of “Doodles,” from outside of Edmonton, and they are in appalling condition. They are emaciated, covered in feces and urine, so much so that their fur is permanently stained. Needlessly suffering for only one thing: profit.

SCARS foster homes and our veterinary partners have stepped up to take on these poor souls and nurse them back to health. We can only hope nutrition, loving hands, and medical care will give them the future they deserve. They are responding with gratitude to the warmth and kindness of our foster homes.

There is a long journey ahead. None of them are available for adoption, but the expense of 15 new dogs will be a burden for SCARS. Not to mention all the other animals that have been waiting to come in will just wait longer. High quality gastro food or monetary donations will help us let the spirit of these sweet souls shine. If you’re looking to purchase a bag of gastro food from a vet office, you can drop them off at one of our drop-off locations. We are also in dire need of puppy pee pads because these animals have absolutely no concept of using the washroom outside.

To recognize the suffering of these animals, please continue to share the message of “Adopt Don’t Shop.” The best way to end the practice is to not fuel their greed.