Hi SCARS! Sammy (Samantha) formerly Roulette was adopted on May 2, 2019. It’s been a little over a year since then and she is doing fantastic. She has grown so much since then and has celebrated rain and snow, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and her first “gotcha-day” at her forever home. She originally came into the home to find she had a big brother (18) and big sister (14) waiting to show her the ropes but now it is just her and her big sister. She gets lots of love even so. We still find that her personality is a game of roulette, and you never know what she will do.

She still plays rough and bites on occasion but she is learning little by little that there are other methods of play. I’m teaching her that biting means play time is over, and she remembers that for a little while. Her favourite toys are the ones that are fluffy, bouncy or noise making! She’s even the little genius that knows that by carrying a bouncy ball upstairs and dropping it downstairs, she can chase it again. With it being spring now, she is allowed short bursts of outdoor time to explore sights and smells of the neighbourhood as long as she cooperates with having a harness put on. So far she’s nervous about it while at the same time loving the outdoors. She’s great company now that people are staying socially distant and she’s an affectionate little bug when she isn’t busy playing away the day. Stay safe, stay home!