May 8, 2020 was a tough day for our SCARS family.

We brought three new dogs that came into care and one beautiful cat. We were told upon transfer that the cat was not eating well and drooling.

We were unable to get her to a vet out by our intake facilities so we called Oxford Veterinary Hospital, and they were able to squeeze us in. After bloodwork and a urinalysis, they decided they also needed an x-ray to see what was happening inside. When they went to take her back to do the x-ray, she was getting worse – quick (seizures, pale, not moving).

With a quick drive to VCA Canada Vet Emerg Animal Hospital, after a long discussion in regards to neurological issues we said goodbye to this girl that we only knew a few hours. RIP Sadie.

(We named her after the foster home that loved her for the wild 3 hours.)