April 2, 2024 Update

Pretty sure I am what a miracle looks like. ❤️ Just days after being bitten in the head, just days after SCARS faced the agony of a life and death decision, here I am, playing! Playing like a normal puppy! I am so, so, very grateful. Thanks for all the well wishes.

March 26, 2024 Update

Have you ever been waiting for that call that you fear will bring bad news? That knot in your stomach, the lump in your throat? Our intake team knew little Remo might break our hearts. So little, bitten on the head by his own mom. Skull fracture and abscess.

The first call from the emergency clinic was disheartening. Little Remo was almost screaming in pain, touching him, particularly near his head, increased his distress. Weighing all the options we knew, we might not save him, as quality of life is always the priority. The decision: give him a few more hours closely monitored on the best pain meds and fluids we can provide. He is just a baby, we must try.

Have you ever been waiting for that call that you hope brings good news? The call that brings the miracle? The next call was amazing. Little Remo had changed completely. The screaming and crying had stopped. The attentive care of an excellent veterinary team working its magic. We have gone from disheartened to cautiously optimistic to wildly hopeful in such a short time.

Little Remo rallied so quickly after those first terrible hours. Not out of danger fully, this is a serious injury that could have complications, but we are oh so happy that he has been released to one of our loving foster homes.

March 20, 2024 Update

Little Remo is still not out of the woods. We were all very worried when he first arrived. He was in a lot of pain and it was a challenge to get it under control. Thankfully he is doing better today, but still being watched closely. He will remain with the specialists until they are confident he can be moved.

March 19, 2024

Meet little Remo, who is already fighting a serious injury at such a young age.

He had a large lump on his head which we assumed was an abscess at first glance, but he was screaming in pain and had a hard time even sitting up. He was taken straight to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital where we learned he is also suffering from a fractured skull caused by a bite from his mother. Sadly, two of his siblings were killed by his mother.

Remo is being transferred to an emergency clinic to be watched closely.