Hello SCARS, It’s me, Ralph (the darker guy, formerly Mr. Badger), and Fred (the grey guy, formerly Mr. Tod). We came into SCARS with our four other brothers in January 2020. Our new mom and dad were able to adopt two of us together, and we couldn’t be happier! At first, we were nervous to meet our BIG bro’s, Bahloo and Max, but soon found out they weren’t scary at all. We quickly took over the house (and their dog beds!) and realized they are super warm to snuggle up to at night. My biggest brother (the Anatolian shepherd) is especially protective of us and plays with us all day.

If my humans ever leave the room, all four of us HAVE to travel as a pack to follow to make sure they are safe. Our favourite things include playing with the pups, laying in the sunshine, chasing laser pointers and lots and lots of treats. We are celebrating today our very first birthday! We couldn’t be happier to have found our fur-ever home.