January 22, 2024 Update

Lenny is healing well and can now be a normal puppy – no more crate rest! 🎉
One more set of x-rays in 5-6 weeks but otherwise he’s doing amazing!
Let the shenanigans begin 💕

December 22, 2023 Update

Lenny is on the mend!

I was caught in a nightmare. Flashbacks of the vehicle hitting me. the pain and fear when I couldn’t use my back legs. But then, the nightmare started to change:

❤️ The lovely driver who rescued me (thanks Brenda, I hear you have been the saviour for many like me!)
❤️ The caring staff at the vet clinic.
❤️The deep relief from the pain meds.
❤️ My wonderful surgery team, who whisked me off to dreamland and said I would be good as new when I woke up.

Good golly gosh, I am pretty much as good as new! A few hours post surgery and I was walking like a pro! Check out my before and after x-rays—amazing skill from my surgeon. There is no way I am getting through airport security without setting off the metal detectors (not that I am likely to be taking a flight anytime soon!). They say I am doing so well that I get to go to a foster home before Christmas (is it too much to hope Santa finds me there? I have received so many gifts already!).

Maybe it wasn’t a nightmare, maybe it was a dream all along. Thanks to everyone who supports SCARS, you have given me a chance at the brightest future.

December 20, 2023

Rescue never sleeps! And for a puppy like me, that is the best news possible, because I really needed the help.

There was a car. There was me. I couldn’t get out of the way. Car versus puppy, the result is never good news for the puppy. 😪

I was in soooo much pain and soooo scared. Luckily for me, a SCARS driver came a long way on winter roads to bring me to safety. I am at Guardian Veterinary Centre and they are so kind. The surgeon says I have all kinds of fractures and they are going to use all kinds of orthopedic techniques to fix me. I couldn’t keep up with everything he was telling me. Really, what I heard was I have broken bones in both my back legs, but he is confident he can put me back together again so I can get back to doing puppy things. That is really all I needed to know.

Wish me luck. This is going to be a huge surgery for a little puppy.🐾🐾