We said we had puppies! Now it’s time to introduce you to just a few of our newest intakes.

Almost two weeks ago SCARS got a call from a man’s daughter-in-law explaining that a litter of pups in his yard were in trouble and needed help.

Upon arriving our volunteer was told that a few pups had sadly passed away. The search was on to find the surviving pups, with mom, who is feral, watching from a safe distance (picture 5). And there they were, on the edge of the woods (picture 4); three live puppies hiding under some grass. They looked to be only 3 weeks old, but in better condition than expected.

These 3 pups will now receive the medical attention they need and be fostered with SCARS until they are ready for adoption. Mom will be put through our TNR (trap, neuter/spay, return) program and returned to the property where the family will provide her with food, water and a proper shelter.

Because they are so young, their expenses will be high. They require special developmental food and puppy formula. Each can is $3.25 and formula is $9.00. But it will provide them with all the nutrition they need on their road through puppyhood!