June 11, 2024

Animal rescue is about making the best decision we can, with the resources we have. Life is like that, too. Do the best you can with what you have. Many of the communities we work with do not have veterinary care and the nearest clinic is often hours of driving away. Community members often face harsh economic realities. SCARS has devoted decades to improving conditions for animals and people, building relationships throughout. In many cases, bylaw officers become close allies and caregivers for animals in need. We are so grateful for their compassion.

Pumpkin arrived at the local pound. His poor health condition was immediately identified by Community Bylaw and brought as a priority to SCARS intake. These are situations where we act quickly and collaboratively. The municipality arranged transportation to a SCARS affiliated vet, where he was diagnosed with a potentially cancerous tumor. Because he was an older gentleman, he required further assessment to determine if surgery was possible and if he was strong enough to come through and have a good quality of life. The call we never like to receive came: aggressive cancer spreading throughout his body and surgery was not an option. He was tired and in pain. We did the best we could with the resources and knowledge we had. A quiet goodbye and the belief he has found his wings and is free of pain. 🌈