November 9, 2023 Update

Although we hoped for a miracle, we sadly share that we were unable to save Potter. The greatest kindness was to peacefully end his suffering. 💔😢
Our wonderful vet care team discovered concerning abdominal images through ultra sound and x-ray. Large masses were visible throughout his abdomen. Exploratory surgery confirmed treatment was not possible.
We are comforted to know his suffering is over and that we did everything we could to try and help him. Sometimes the most we can do is let the suffering end. ❤️ 🐾
Thank you for your care, concern, and support.

November 7, 2023

Meet Potter….
Sometimes there are just no words. 💔
All we know is he is a young dog that clearly needs help. 💔
We are so thankful to our volunteer drivers who drove 3 hours one way to help Potter.
He is currently at Westlock Veterinary Emergency.