Hello SCARS, I wanted to send in a look at me now for Porsha. I adopted Porsha 10 years ago from SCARS. She has been a blessing. After some time, training and patience she has been the sweetest girl you could ask for. She is super funny, smart and such a cuddle bug. Don’t even think about stopping once you start petting her. She goes everywhere with me and loves to camp, hike, paddleboard and even ride in the side by side. She never wants to miss an adventure. She got along so well with her brother Kona and her cat sis Misty that you would think I had 3 dogs.  Always by my side and especially if I am in the kitchen cutting vegetables oh how she loves her veggies.  I want to thank SCARS for all they do and bringing Porsha into my life. I can’t imagine life without her.