September 21, 2023 Update

Pomelo had a cystoscopic procedure essentially establishing new openings of bilateral ectopic ureters at the level of the bladder neck. A month later Pomelo is still having some leakage and her wonderful surgeon wants to see her again. There are a few options to help her and he is hopeful that she will get to a place in the near future that she can be adopted!

August 27, 2023

Meet Pomelo:

I am a beautiful little girl with a very personal problem. Upon my arrival, it was immediately noticed that I was incontinent. Quite an embarrassing problem to be leaking pee all the time. Turns out I have something called ectopic ureters. 😳😢

As it turns out, mother nature doesn’t always get it perfect when pups are developing during pregnancy. Ectopic ureters are an embryological error. Instead of connecting to the bladder, the ureters connect somewhere else… the urethra, the vagina, the colon, or even the uterus. The ureters are bringing urine to an area unequipped for urine storage, so leaking results. Incontinence and infection are the usual outcomes ⛑️💊.

Most affected animals are female, and often, there are multiple internal urinary anatomical abnormalities. Lucky for me, I came to SCARS, and they have arranged a date with a skilled surgeon to fix me up. I will let you know how it all turns out! ❤️ 😊