December 4, 2023 Update

Petunia is in a foster home and is doing really well. The well wishes of her and all the amazing donations – filled our hearts! She isn’t ready for adoption yet but keep an eye out for her!

November 27, 2023 Update

Petunia continues to fight hard. Her hernia was so large, one of the largest they have seen, so her first surgery did not work. 💔
We then transferred her down to the specialists at Guardian VCA.
Keep in mind Petunia is still fighting the parvo virus on top of having a very painful enlarged hernia….
Thankfully they were able to create a muscle flap to close it. She is currently stable but this is a lot for a tiny pup to recover from.
We are grateful to the amazing vets and staff and to all the supporters who make it possible to give puppies like Petunia a chance. ❤️
Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support!🐾

November 23, 2023 Update

The good news is Petunia is fighting and so far beating the parvo virus. 💪
The bad news is the intestines are getting larger and causing problems so emergency surgery is needed. 😢
The hope was to get her well enough before surgery but sadly it can not wait…
She goes in for emergency surgery tomorrow to fix it. Please keep her in your thoughts!

November 21, 2023

Puppies should not have to struggle just to survive. 😢💔

The reality is we are being overwhelmed with critical emergencies and the number of abandoned animals needing help is not slowing down. 😱 🚨
Meet Petunia, she arrived yesterday with a bruised belly. It’s difficult to know what happened, all we can do is guess – is it from being kicked or run over? We don’t know. When she was examined it was noticed she had a inguinal hernia that could have been caused by this trauma. Basically, her intestines are in the wrong spot in her tiny body as you can see by the large lump by her leg. What is more concerning is she also has parvo. Our first priority is that she’s treated for parvo so she can be healthy for her vet team to surgically fix the placement of her intestines. ❤️‍🩹 🐶