Hello SCARS, Here is an update on Pete! After a long stay at SCARS, Pete has been home for almost two years now! He is such a gentle soul and is loved by everyone who comes by. It took a while for him to warm up to adventures where there were other people and dogs. But now he gets excited to go for rides in the truck (loves the wind blow feel with the window down) and loves to go for walks with his favourite people. He is guardian of the yard and adjacent forest, protecting us from any and every fluttering thing, real or imagined. He is a very smart cookie, can’t change anything in or out of the house or yard without him giving it a good wide eye. He loves to hang out with his sister, Honey, with whom he takes turns instigating playtime or zoomies as much as a Pyrenees will do. Thank you SCARS for making the effort to let him recover and the time and care to wait for the right home He sure is a special guy and we are so grateful he is here.