Hello SCARS, I wanted to provide an update on Willow (formerly Pebbles). I don’t know what I did to get such a good loving dog. She is fantastic.

Willow is one of SCARS’ remarkable transformation stories.

Foster mom, Ann, explains. “The photos include one of Pebbles with Bam Bam when they were found living under a car at four months old, and a photo I took of her first day in foster. These puppies were VERY fearful of people. If I took Pebbles outside to potty, she would take me on a long chase through snow. She would not come back inside when the other dogs did for weeks after she arrived. Potty training was a big challenge. She was also the wormiest dog we’ve encountered. Her little belly was so distended and hard from them. And it took weeks before we could move around the house without them running back into their crate. Although very shy and frightened of people, they loved our resident dog from day one. Pebbles warmed up to me eventually, but never really to my husband. I was certain that, in a quieter, patient home, she’d blossom. And she certainly has. One of the things that I recall the vet tech saying on my first vet visit with them was that Pebbles’ ears were very under-developed, and that they might stay small and undersized. They did not! Pebbles was definitely one of the most challenging fosters that we’ve had, and I absolutely love her glow up.

SCARS is so grateful to our foster homes and adopters who give pets like this a chance. They are worth it!