Hi SCARS, A year ago (June 1), we celebrated our wedding anniversary by adopting 2 fabulous dogs. Pat (formerly Patso) and Benatar (formerly Tic Tac) were brought in to complete our family. It was love at first sight! We purposefully wanted older dogs and were rewarded with the best dogs ever! There were some issues to overcome as Benny had never lived inside a house and Pat was not overly thrilled at sharing attention from her humans. Over the last year they learned how to play, walk on leashes, charm every person they meet… and best of all… fall in love with each other. They are still competitive with each other when it comes to getting attention – pushing and shoving each other quietly to get the best position. We love it. We love everything about these two and we are surprised at how deeply we feel for our fur babies.  Thank you SCARS for giving us the piece of our heart we had been missing and completing our family.  XOXOX The Neros.