SCARS needs donations! It’s canine parvovirus season and rescues are seeing a lot of this deadly virus. Please help us cover the veterinary costs for the multiple parvo cases we received in the last few weeks from various locations. These pups are counting on our support. Please send healing thoughts for a full recovery for these innocent babies. If you have a new puppy of your own, PLEASE vaccinate it.

Update: All but one of the pups are now considered parvo free.  Paula (the black pup) is now a week away from her checkup where we hope she will be given parvo free status!

These pups received care at a veterinary clinic and then spent time recovering in loving foster homes. Here is what we have learned about them.

Milo is a fun loving boy with lots of energy. He is very lucky to have survived. He loves to play tug and chase with the resident family dogs at his foster home.

Zeus was a very sick boy when he first came into care. He was brought to see the fine people at the Westlock Veterinary Center and diagnosed with parvo. After a couple of weeks under their care, he was on the mend and is now happily recovering at his foster home. He is a young guy about 6 months old and still very much a puppy.

Robert is strong minded and loves getting attention, even if he has to push his sisters out of the way for it. He is good playing with his sisters or the neighbour dogs but also is happy just playing with his own toys. He is the biggest of the three as is already learning how to sit but will still jump up on you when he gets excited. Potty training has been coming along nicely with only a few accidents.

Paula loves having her hair brushed that is when Robert is not near. She likes sleeping on the deck chair and playing tug-of-war with her toys. Paula follows her foster mom around the house and loves to go on car rides. As a puppy she is learning the basic commands like sit, stay and the tricky one of not jumping up on people.

Shirley, who is featured in the video below, is a shy, quiet girl and the smallest of the three puppies.  She loves to play with her toys and tug-of-war with her sister. She loves playing with her siblings or the dog next door.  As a puppy she is learning the basic commands like sit, stay and the tricky one of not jumping up on people.  Although if you give her belly rubs, she will be your friend forever.