Meet Otto!

Last summer, Otto was hit by a car… twice. His access to medical treatment was delayed for several months, and as a result, his injuries have fused in ways that are not so functional. You may notice that he’s the best at sitting pretty – he does this mainly to relieve discomfort from his injured front limbs. He can move around, but his movements are awkward and purposeful. He seems to tire quickly, as well.

As you can see, his injuries were pretty bad. His left limb has soft tissue/muscle contracture, making it hard to extend. He can barely use it, and the vet says they don’t think surgery will be helpful.

His right elbow has chronic dislocation. We are hoping surgery can be an option for at least this limb so that he may have some more mobility.

Aside from his injuries, Otto is a normal and otherwise healthy boy! He is a shy but gentle and friendly dog who loves being around people, having his belly scratched, taking short walks, and playing with a ball.

SCARS is hoping to give Otto a better quality of life through surgery. To help Otto or other dogs who are brought to SCARS with such extensive injuries, please donate to SCARS.