Hi everyone, it’s Otto!
I had a rough start to life. I was hit by a car and didn’t receive medical attention, so my left shoulder and right elbow are permanently dislocated. That stuff is all behind me because I’m not only resilient but also I had a wonderful foster family who took great care of me and gave me so much love until I found my forever home.
I’m one lucky guy! I was adopted in September and now I live with my mom and little/big brother, Artie. I say little/big brother because Artie is one year younger than me but a lot bigger than I am, but these differences certainly don’t stop us from wrestling and playing every chance we get.
My brother and I love to run, explore the woods during hikes, make friends with new dogs, chow down on bones, and snuggle up in bed with mom at night. I’m surprised that it took so long for me to get adopted because my mom tells me that I’m smart, caring, funny and handsome a million times a day. I think people might have thought that my previous injury and the fact that I have to use a wheelchair sometimes meant that I would need a lot of care, but mom says that taking care of me is no different than caring for my brother, and guarantees that I am the best addition to the family.
I am doing great and I feel as strong, healthy, and energetic as any pup out there. Thanks for rescuing me, SCARS, and providing me with the best foster family, and helping me find my forever home. I sure am one excited and happy boy!
Much love