Hi SCARS, I adopted Ollie on July 15, 2017, and I thought people might be interested in seeing how he is doing.

Since coming to stay with me, he has gone on mountain adventures, spends his summer wading in his pool, and being the cuddliest boy anyone could have asked for.

He is a natural born swimmer, and he will go charging to any body of water. Anyone who comes through the door is his friend, and if you sit on the floor, he will sit on you, almost as if to say “Hey buddy, wanna be friends?”

He has no idea what my name is, but he knows exactly who you’re talking about if you say “dad.” Ollie has found a partner in crime with his older little brother Opie, and so badly wants to make friends with our cat, Socks. He is still as food-driven as ever, and loves a spoonful of peanut butter every once in a while. He has no problem vocalising what he wants, with a low growl being his way of saying he wants another long walk around Sherwood Park.

Any time we go for a walk, Ollie makes friends with all pups and people, and everyone comments on his handsome colours. Going to Grandma’s is also one of his favourite activities, as he gets extra treats, walks, and playing with his uncle Oakley and cousin Savvy.

I’d like to say a very big thank you to SCARS for finding my best buddy, and hanging onto him until he came to his forever home. I would not trade this guy for the world.

All The Best (and thanks again!)

Liam Coleman