Hi! My name is Nutmeg. SCARS found me heavily pregnant during the Walls4Winter dog house drop off. Luckily, they went into action quickly because I needed an emergency C-section. One of my pups was stuck! While they couldn’t save her, the C-section helped to get all the pups out and keep me safe. Two other pups were stillborn, but I am proud to say that I am a mother of 3 healthy pups now. If it wasn’t for SCARS, my pups and I would not have made it. My life would have never been at risk if I had been spayed.
Many of SCARS’ target communities have limited access to vet care and the SNR program helps dogs and cats stay in their homes safely. With your support, you can help other dogs (and cats) like me get access to vet care and make sure that we are not contributing to pet overpopulation as well as having to face emergency surgeries as I did.
To support the SNR program, please purchase a spay or neuter package through SCARS’ “Gifts From the Heart.” You can also donate an amount of your choice and include the comment “spay or neuter.”
Click here for more info on the SCARS’ SNR program.