Hello world, I’m Norburg. I show all the signs of having had an extremely hard life. I’m an older guy, 7-10yrs may be generous.

I am malnourished, have wounds left over from fighting (like my injured tail, now amputated), and am scarred from an old embedded collar, but one look into my eyes tells you I just want love.

When SCARS gets a call about a stray adult male that needs to come in with battle wounds, the frustrated sigh is audible. You see we unneutered males in free roaming communities can have some bad habits because we are used to competing. Luckily for scars and luckily for me that’s not the case, because I’m one BIG boy.

SCARS arrived at the community to pick me up, and when I rounded the corner there was an audible “OH,” I am pretty sure just because of my sheer size. But then I came to say hello, and they were in love. I’m a big, sweet, softy. By big, I mean I am almost 100 pounds and have some weight to gain.

I have now been fully vetted and I’m on a plan to gain weight with the best food. Wish me luck in finding a home of my own!