Hi SCARS! It’s me, Murphy (formerly Silver). I’m two weeks into my forever home with my forever family. I must say this thing I’ve got going is pretty sweet.

I think I’ve got this kennel training down pat, and definitely working on the “do my business outside only”. Even made it through last night with zero accidents in the house!

I’m working on trying to enjoy this thing dad calls “walks,” although I think I’d rather be cuddling or playing fetch with him. Dad happens to be my favourite. Wherever he goes I must go to, otherwise I’ll cry and pout until I get my way or he comes back.

I have mom twisted around my little paw and just have to shoot her my puppy dog face when I want to cuddle, go outside, or get some food (I have a great internal clock for meal times). The longer I stay, the more I show my “class clown” antics, such as slithering off the couch until it’s only my booty sticking in the air (they call me slug dog when this happens). I’ve met the neighbours kids and have kept them company and given them love. We go hopping through the snow bank often.

Thank you for all you guys did to help me find my forever home, and I promise to keep you updated on my adventures.

Signing off for now!