When Munster came to SCARS he was extremely small compared to his littermates. It’s not uncommon for pups to be of different sizes, but he also had trouble walking normally.

We thought he might be blind, and did basic tests to confirm pupil dilation. After this we were stumped, till our wonderful vets and some time in care showed us that Munster was not blind but visually impaired. X-rays also showed that his growth plates were poorly developed.

Every day Munster’s growth plates get better, and every day he gets stronger. You would never know where he started when you see him now. Munster can jump and navigate solid objects but still struggles with distance, height, and smaller objects or objects that blend in with their surroundings. His extremely good hearing and sense of smell also help him find his way through the world. He loves to follow his humans everywhere and play with any critters he finds along the way.

Munster would have never made it in the environment he came from. He is doing great now, using his pee pads, loving his food, and showing everyone that even though you are small, you can still be mighty. Munster has as much love to give as any dog, though he will still need some help managing his vision impairment.