Happy One Year adoption anniversary Mr Jim Lahey! (Formerly Marcus).

When he came to us, he was a skinny, silly knot head. How he’s just a silly knot head ????.

Mr. Lahey is full of energy and love equally. He’s either running full speed creating mischief or wanting to be held like a baby in your lap. He loves everyone and everything. He’s so gentle and gives the best “Lahey” hugs when he greets you (full body 100lb lean). He loves our two young boys unconditionally. His coat soaks up tears now and then and his size is perfect for hugging. Mr. Lahey and King Kong Bundy are the perfect pair and love to play all day crashing through the forest then curl up together like cinnamon buns.

Three dogs is insane, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our family is full of silliness and love – and this is what Mr. Lahey does best! Thank you SCARS for watching over this amazing dog until our paths crossed one year ago ❤️!

The Brown Family

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